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Will the UK members of parliament strike?

October 29, 2009

Listening to the news today, I am struck by the contrast between the (UK) Post Office and the Houses of Parliament. The Post office strike is going ahead, yet in spite of drastic proposed changes to their terms and conditions of service, there is no sign of members of  either  the House of Commons or the House of Lords taking strike action. Clearly, they need a union. Actually, I wonder if anyone would notice if they did go on strike … yet I also see that there’s 13 candidates for the Glasgow North-east by-election, so perhaps they are in fear of losing their jobs.


Social networking

October 28, 2009

Hey – maybe I’m getting the hang of this! just created a ning social network to support a new project. I had thought I needed some sort of a wiki with security (which is a bit un-wiki-sih), but maybe an invitation-only ning social network will do the trick. So I’ve invited all the relevant people, and (given that the message gets through their spam-filters) perhaps it will work. Will soon  find out.

Today I started a blog

October 28, 2009

And here it is: I’m working on a course here at my University, Digital Media – I helped set it up last year. And now I’m going to try keeping a blog. Without getting fired (“dooced” is the term, I’m told). So this might be a bit vanilla. Or not. Anyway, it’s started.