On Scottish Opera’s performance of Carmen last night

Last night, I went to see Scottish Opera’s travellingproduction of Bizet’s Carmen at the MacRobert Centre at Stirling University. Now, Carmen is probably my all-time favourite opera: it has everything, love, drama, fortune-telling, and marvellous feisty gypsy music. So when I saw Carmen was coming, I booked tickets immediately. It was a sell-out, I’m glad to say.

Before the performance, when I read the programme, I saw that the accompaniment would be on piano, and I felt a bit disappointed. I was wrong. Susannah Wapshott’s piano-playing was inspired. And the singing: I had read that Scottish Opera were a good company, but this was beyond my expectations. The audience loved it: they applauded each aria (which while it may have broken up the action a little, demonstrated the audience’s appreciation). At the final curtain call, Carmen and Don José got strong applause, but the loudest applause was actually for Susannah Wapshott, and she deserved it!


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