Memento Mori

I’m still marked as deceased. But I’m still not. However, the Marquis people have now promised to mark me as alive again. But it has certainly been a memento mori. Quite a few old friends have already gone (Scotland’s not famous for longevity), and I wondered if they know something I didn’t. perhaps, and perhaps not. And when I showed it to my DGM901 tutorial group this morning, they just laughed. Well, fair enough, and I did tell them I as trying to get it changed: I suppose to a 19 or 20 year old it is funny, but to me, well, yes, it has its amusing side, but also its serious side. What if i was to drop off my perch tonight? What have I missed? Do I have a bucket list (no!), though there’s things I’d like to do, though I do feel reasonably at peace with my immediate family (who are probably the only people reading this anyway). Ach well, bedtime. Hopefully, I’ll wake up in the morning, though one can never tell!


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