Jamming on Jamulus

A very pleasant little Jam just now, on the BeatRoute server (in Frankfurt), with someone from Aachen and someone else from Macedonia. Lovely. My setup really works well (it’ll probably break now that I’ve said that!), though sometimes it needs turned on and off once or twice before it comes up. And I seem (i) to have to turn on the interface and e-piano after booting, and (ii) to have to set up the connections in Jack every time, can’t see any way of saving them.

But that said, and once it’s up, it works really well, letting me play through Reaper into Jamulus without noticeable additional latency.

They say that it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good: one good thing to come out of all the Covid-based lockdown is playing with other folk from the comfort (?) of my garage studio!


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