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twittering rigor?

March 30, 2013

I joined twitter, because I needed to check that the twitter feed on a site I’m involved in worked. (CARMEN, since you ask: it does work). So now, I’m left wondering about using it. So I looked at the twitter pages of some people I know well. One has never twittered (sorry, tweeted), one tweeted twice in 2010, and one has over 1000 followers…so it’s clear different people use it very differently. But what’s it for? That, I suppose is my difficulty: I can’t seem to justify the time that it would need to use it properly. Already time seems very short (maybe I don’t think as fast as I did. maybe I don’t type that fast, and I only generally use one keyboard at a time), maybe I have other better things to do (writing – I’m late with one article and two reviews; piano – I’m not playing as much as I should: whisky – there’s a nice Ardbeg in the cupboard, and some good Jura Supersition as well, not forgetting the rather good Te Bheag blend that no-one ever seems to have heard of). But twitter? what to say? how to say it in 140 characters or less? The easy way is to say nothing, I suspect, but to return to my much ignored blog. So here I am. Perhaps I’ll get back here more often now. The Human Brain Project is funded, memristors are catching on even outside of the DOD’s Synapse programme, so there’s always more to talk about, if I want to talk about things I know about. And then there’s the idea of MOOCs from the Unseen University of Ankh-Morpork, if funding can be organised. So viel zu tun, so wenig Zeit.

But twitter? I fear it is not for me. I’ll stick to blogging, occasionally, and even then only when I have something, no matter how small, to say

And the title? Twittering rigour is one of a number of strange diseases in Alastair Gray’s wonderful Lanark.